Warmup 3IE Thermostat Silver Grey

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The world’s first fully interactive, touch technology, energy-monitor thermostat features an easy-to-use interface, eliminating complicated instruction manuals

The 3iE gives you the ability to set up to 10 different heating schedules per day, so you can accurately control usage for all rooms.The 3iE’s self-learning capability means it can tell you when to turn the power on to achieve the desired temperature at the chosen time.Energy-monitoring enables rapid learning of what energy provides each level of comfort and how to adapt to suit your requirements.Following installation and/or occupation and use of the dwelling or building, it will ensure the usability of the heating systems are adequately controlled and managed by enabling end users to act positively in managing their energy usage and costsKey Features INNOVATIVE First thermostat with a 2.4” full colour screen and integrated touch technology – patents pendingINTERACTIVE Clear graphical display makes any adjustment quick and easy. Choose the display style that suits you best – wide choice of screen themesINTELLIGENT Proportional Adaptive Function precisely activates the system when needed, perfectly balancing comfort with economyENERGY EFFICIENT Accurate floor temperature control means no wasted energy – reducing the costs associated with over-heating

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